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      Product list
        Blood dialysis powder
        Medical instrument
      Contact us
      Yancheng Ren Yue Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
      Add: yancheng jianhu private science and technology business incubator 4 road no. 51
      Tel: 86-515-86265286
      Fax: 86-0515-86265286
      Email: ycrenyue@126.com
      Web: www.zkato.com
      About us  

          Yancheng Ren Yue Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is specialized in blood purification and related products in the field of science and technology enterprises, it has a number of patent technology, set product research, production, sales and service as a whole. Located in the national counties ¡ªNo.51,4th Road, Private Technology Park, Jian hu County,Yancheng City, covers more than 13000©O, according to the requirements of GMP,We have built from 100 to 100,000 grades clean workshop which covers 1800©O, warehouse account for more than 2000©O. Existing staff of more than 30 people,including collge degree or above in technical personnel 16 people,designs and manufactures dialysis concentrate 5 million does. 
          Companies adhering to the ¡°integrity,morality,great kindness,beyond¡±spirit of enterprise.Strickly in accordance with the requirements of the national standard and industry standard to production the safe ,effcctive and high quality clinical need hemodialysis products. It has established a comprechensive quality management system according to international standards,We  have been through the ISO 13485 certification and CE Certification.
          The company¡¯s quality policy is ¡°quality first,customer first,scientific management,sincere service¡±.In order to cnsure product quality,our company pays great attention to the new technology,new product investment,and the purchase of the international advanced level of production equipment.Production materials are sourced in line with the national standards of pharmaccutical raw materials,main raw materials imported from abroad such as sodium chloride,sodium bicarbomate.Diligent to reliable quality,environmental safety,content value products dedication to our customers.

      Add: yancheng jianhu private science and technology business incubator 4 road no. 51¡¡Tel: 86-400-8283-683 ¡¡FAx: 86-0515-86265286 ¡¡
      Email:ycrenyue@126.com ¡¡Web:www.zkato.com
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