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        Blood dialysis powder
        Medical instrument
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      Yancheng Ren Yue Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
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      Tel: 86-515-86265286
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      Disposable medical devices? To see the world do
      Our country's laws and regulations stipulate that disposable medical supplies and disposable public goods should not be reused. However, the reuse of Single Use Device (SUD) has become a hot issue, which stimulates the sensory nerve from time to time. Among them, the reuse of disposable hi
      Hear what the state says about the strategic development plan of the medical and health industry?
      Strategic emerging industries represent the direction of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and are the key areas to cultivate new momentum for development and gain new competitive advantages in the future. During the 13th Five-Year Plan p
      The Way of Merger and Acquisition in Medical Device Industry: Integration of Assets, Business and Personnel
      Promoted by a series of rules and regulations of standardized supervision and bidding, coupled with the industry's own changes, medical services, medical devices mergers and acquisitions are particularly enthusiastic. Many senior professionals also combined their own understanding of polic

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      Add: yancheng jianhu private science and technology business incubator 4 road no. 51Tel: 86-400-8283-683 FAx: 86-0515-86265286
      Email:ycrenyue@126.com Web:www.zkato.com
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