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      Hear what the state says about the strategic development plan of the medical and health industry?
      clicks: 597     Date: 2018-11-14
      Strategic emerging industries represent the direction of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and are the key areas to cultivate new momentum for development and gain new competitive advantages in the future. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, we should put strategic emerging industries in a more prominent position in economic and social development, vigorously build a new modern industrial system, and promote sustainable and healthy economic and social development. According to the relevant deployment of the 13th Five-Year Plan outline, this plan has been specially formulated for the period 2016-2020. Among them, small C summarizes the following information for you in the field of health care.

      Column 1 Broadband Rural Demonstration Project

      We will carry out pilot work on universal telecommunication services, promote the integration of three networks, speed up the construction of government villages through optical cable and satellite communications, extend coverage of home-based optical fiber networks and fourth generation mobile communication (4G) networks to natural villages and households as needed, strengthen coverage of islands, remote areas and mountainous areas through technological innovations such as satellite and mobile communications, and accelerate the popularization of e-commerce, distance education and so on. Information applications such as telemedicine, intelligent agriculture and e-government support poverty alleviation.

      Column 3 Big Data Development Project

      We should integrate existing resources, build a government data sharing and exchange platform and a data open platform, improve the large data sharing and circulation system, the big data standard system and the big data security system, and promote the opening of government data sets such as credit, transportation, medical treatment, education, environment and safety supervision to the society. We will support the development and industrialization of key technologies of big data, develop demonstration applications of big data in key areas, implement national information security projects, and promote the healthy and rapid development of big data-related industries.

      Column 5 Artificial Intelligence Innovation Engineering

      We will promote basic theoretical research and core technology development, industrialize human-like neurocomputing chips, intelligent robots and intelligent application systems, and embed new artificial intelligence technologies into various fields. Construct AI public service platform and R&D service platform for backbone enterprises open to the society. Establish and improve the AI "double innovation" support service system.

      Create the industry chain of additional materials manufacturing. Breakthrough titanium alloy, high-strength alloy steel, superalloy, high-temperature and high-strength engineering plastics and other additives manufacturing special materials. Build up the research and development platform of additional material manufacturing technology to improve the technological level. Develop and popularize the mainstream manufacturing process equipment driven by laser, electron beam, ion beam and other energy sources. We will accelerate the development of high-power fiber laser, scanning galvanometer, dynamic focusing mirror and high-performance electronic gun and other supporting core components and embedded software systems, enhance the ability of hardware and software co-innovation, and establish a standard system for material addition manufacturing. In aerospace, medical equipment, transportation equipment, cultural creativity, personalized manufacturing and other fields, we will vigorously promote the application of add-on manufacturing technology, and accelerate the development of add-on manufacturing services.

      Accelerating the pace of innovation and development of bio-industry and fostering new driving force of bio-economy-grasping the new trend of deep development of life science, wide application of new biotechnology and integration of innovation, taking the rapid development of genetic technology as an opportunity, promoting the development of medical treatment to precision medical treatment and personalized medical treatment, accelerating the upgrade and transformation of agricultural breeding to high-efficiency precision breeding, expanding new fields of marine biological resources and promoting them Biotechnology and products should be replaced in a wider range of fields, and new development models should be adopted to promote the large-scale application of bioenergy, cultivate high-quality professional bio-service new formats, accelerate the development of bio-economy into an important new economic form after the information economy, and provide new support for the construction of healthy and beautiful China. By 2020, the scale of bio-industry will reach 8-10 trillion yuan, forming a group of new biotechnology enterprises and bio-economic clusters with strong international competitiveness.

      (1) Innovating the way of biomedical supervision. Establish a more scientific and efficient way of medical examination and approval, speed up the pilot project of drug licensing holder system, speed up the evaluation of quality and efficacy consistency of generic drugs, and explore the pilot project of accreditation system for clinical experimental research of new medical technologies. We will improve drug procurement mechanisms and comprehensively promote institutional reform in the areas of drug prices and industry regulation.

      (2) Promoting the development level of biomedical engineering. Deepening the integration of biomedical engineering technology and information technology, speeding up industry regulation reform, actively developing new medical devices, constructing new diagnostic and therapeutic modes such as mobile medicine and telemedicine, promoting the development of intelligent medical industry, promoting the application of high-performance medical devices, promoting the research and development of new instruments and reagents adapted to the development of new technologies in life sciences, and upgrading China's biomedical engineering industry Overall competitiveness.

      (3) Developing new intelligent mobile medical equipment. Develop intelligent medical equipment and its software and supporting reagents, omni-directional telemedicine service platform and terminal equipment, develop mobile medical services, formulate relevant data standards, promote interconnection, and initially establish a modern intelligent medical service system with deep integration of information technology and biotechnology.



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